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Wearable art, found conveniently in brightly colored gumball machines at the Hopewell and Prince George Breez-In Convenience Store locations!


Instead of bubble gum, for only 50 cents the machine dispenses an acorn pod which includes an art button, a short biography about the artist, and an affirmation or fortune generated by the community.


All artwork features local artists, two of whom grew up less than a mile from one of the gumball machine locations! You'll find images from the #TheHopewellBillboardProject, downtown murals, and more. Many thanks to the Progress Index for coverage of this exciting new project.

We are currently expanding our Button Project - if you, or an artist you know, would like to be considered for inclusion please follow the link below for submission details!


Aimee Joyaux

Aimee Joyaux received her MFA in photography in 1995 and her BA in art in 1985 where she concentrated on drawing and painting. Her work has been exhibited in The National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Center for Book and Paper at Columbia College, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Center for Book Arts (NY), and Nexus Press in Atlanta, just to name a few. She is currently a full-time studio artist living and working in a renovated cotton warehouse in Petersburg with her husband Alain and hound dog Oliver.


Austin 'Auz' Miles 

Austin “Auz” Miles is a rising star in the public art world who lives in the Tri-Cities. Miles is an alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCU), receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2017. She uses color, texture, and distortion to embody her own stories and to contribute to the conversation about Black female experiences. She has shown work at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture and the Jamestown Settlement, and has also painted many vibrant, uplifting murals throughout Richmond's city. Miles has also shown her work in North Carolina, Washington D.C., Atlanta GA, and Cusco, Peru.


Brenay Brockenbrough 

Brenay Brockenbrough received her BFA in Visual Communication with a concentration in graphic design in 2015 and is currently working towards completing her MA in Professional Counseling. Working for the past six years to combine art and mental health treatment in a way that provides enrichment and person-centered healing, Brenay has focused her work throughout the Richmond and Tri-Cities area. 


Ed Hatch

Ed, a Hopewell High School graduate and a full-time artist for more than 40 years, centers his life at the same country crossroads where he grew up - a corner of Spring Grove, Virginia where his great-grandparents opened a general store in 1915.  This charming setting is now his studio.  Across the street is the house where his father lived, and a stone's throw away is his childhood home where he lives.  An acute observer, Ed's home base is that ideal spot for exploration and discovery - whether it's the creeks nearby or the mountains further afield.  He gently, yet powerfully conveys his curiosity, finding the extraordinary in the 'ordinary.'  Above all, his appreciation for beauty in nature springs from each of his works. 


Eliza Lamb

Dr. Lamb grew up in Prince George County and although she established her professional career in NYC, where she took this picture, she has always considered the Tri-Cities home. She is an artist that likes to express herself through photographs, drawing, dance, and theater. She also enjoys using her creative energy to help her community through artistic events and activities like this one. Dr. Lamb started Lamb Arts in 2016 and hopes you'll join as at one of their events around town soon! 


Federico Infante 

A founding board member and regular volunteer teaching artist of Lamb Arts, Federico Infante now lives and works in the Tri-Cities. Infante was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, and found his way to the United States to pursue his graduate studies in art over a decade ago. Infante is a painter and sculptor who exhibits his work in galleries around the world. He is honored to share this piece inspired by his students in Hopewell and the wonderful light they bring to our community, and beyond.   


Joe Jones Jr. 

A pioneering entrepreneur, Joe has been busy in Hopewell, from photography and video, to digital art, and running a Barbershop.  Joe made Hopewell his home in 2013 after serving in the US Army. He is a native of South Carolina. His piece “Socially Blended” correlates with the current issues of inequality in this country.

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Nico Cathcart

Nico Cathcart is a painter and muralist hailing from Toronto, Ontario, and currently living in Richmond, Virginia. She strives to discuss Intersectional feminism and climate change in her highly-colorful realistic works which often include local flora and fauna, as well as the female form. The artist is in the process of going deaf, relying on hearing aids and lip reading to communicate. An experienced mural painter, she has worked on walls across the country, Most recently in Birmingham, AL and Memphis, TN. Her work has been shown at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, and the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, as well as galleries across the continent.


Pedro Ledesma III

Born in South Dakota and raised in a small town in Texas, Pedro has always appreciated wide, open spaces and small communities. His mixed Korean & Mexican heritage and extensive travel give him great appreciation for culture and family. 

Forever a student, explorer, and teacher, Pedro now devotes his energy to visual storytelling through photography.

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Teddy Blanks

Teddy Blanks was born in Hopewell and graduated from VCU in 2006. He now resides in Brooklyn, New York. In 2009, he co-founded the graphic design studio CHIPS, where he creates logos, book covers, and opening title sequences for movies and TV. 



Lamb Arts would like to thank Breez-In L.C. for their partnership and sponsorship of this project! 

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