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Katie’s Cases is a program that is spearheaded by a local teen who understands the challenges of the foster care system first hand and wanted to do something to change it. This program is a partnership between Lamb Arts and the Virginia Department of Social Services that provides suitcases and art kits to foster children in transition.




Hear more from Katie: 


"Have you ever thought about what it must feel like to be a kid in foster care? Before I was adopted, I was one of those kids. 


The worst thing about foster care was moving, especially because they put all my belongings in black trash bags. 


Trash goes in trash bags. When they put my things in those bags, I thought it meant my stuff was trash. 


And maybe it meant I was trash, too. 


When I told my parents how much I'd hated those bags, they asked me what I was going to do about it.  


I think kids in foster care should be able to pack their stuff in something else. I want to make sure they know THEY AREN'T TRASH. 


I want to give the kids HOPE that someone cares...and if they know someone cares about them, maybe they'll believe a good FUTURE is possible. 


I'm raising money to buy suitcases and personal bags for kids in the foster care system. We're partnering with Lamb Center for Arts and Healing to provide the bags, an overnight toiletry bag and an art kit for each one. 


Please help me reach my goal of giving this gift to every child in Virginia's foster care system. 


Thank you so much, 







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